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    dhcp server question


    We have multiple subnets and vlans in our organisation. Our dhcp server has all those vlans tagged and has an IP number in all those vlans.

    Everything works great, but this is the issue....

    When a laptop has a static reservation in a cannot get a dynamic ip number in a different vlan/subnet.
    The message is : no free leases.

    Every client is only allowed 1 ip number, so I guess this is the reason, but how can this be solved. I've read something about classes ?


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    Hello Richard,

    If I understood the problem right it is this: You were trying to use your laptop in different networks. In one of the network it is given static ip and other network supports giving dynamic ip to the machines connected to that network.
    I don't have any good suggestion for this, but I know the dirty solution for this. I have no idea how far this is convenient but you can try.

    You might already be knowing this.. the network is setup by reading a file in
    So now you can make two copies of this file and name it as ifcfg-eth0.static and
    There is a parameter BOOTPROTO in this file, you can assigne "none" to it in ifcfg-eth0.static and give other paramters like what is the static ip to it, netmask, gateway etc.
    For the ifcfg-eth0.dynamic one you can just give the "dhcp" for BOOTPROTO.

    Now depending on the network you were in you copy either ifcfg-eth0.static or ifcfg-eth0.dynamic to ifcfg-eth0 and then you can use the ifup command manually that will get you an ip.

    May you can automate this by writing a script, right now i have no better idea of doing this. I'll let you know if I can come up with a more clean solution.

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    hello Richard,

    May be you can take look at this webiste.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for the tips. They should work indeed.
    But as I understand, there is no quick fix for this problem...

    If I find anything in the future, I will let you know..


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