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Thread: Samba 2nd

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    Samba 2nd

    hello everyone, good evening (indonesian time 8:30 pm)

    i have some problem with samba recently

    this is my configuration for samba


    security = share


    path = /home/data
    comment = resctricted file only !
    writeable = yes
    valid users = kamto, johndoe

    of course not all for my smb.conf, the problem is when connected from win2k i have 2 field that i must to fill #1. username #2. password but when i see it from windows XP i only see password field

    is there anything i can do ? which wrong my smb.conf configuration or windowsXP need something to setup ?


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    This is a setting in Windows XP.

    Can't remember which one.. Have to look it up....
    But you smb.conf looks fine...
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    In the past, I have seen many samples of conf files at, are the general and simple examples no longer available there?

    I don't have my samba book handy either and prefer not to do cmd's or scripts off the top of my head, but seems ok. One thing I've learned in general in linux with any aspect, is one charactor that is an error can cause the app to completely fail.

    Also did you run the built in smb.conf sytax checker that comes with it? If so what did it say? If not checkout the documentation section on this site on basic cmd line how to's, an example is in there.

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    When in XP and mapping a network drive click on "connect using differnt username"

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    xp and 2k

    XP first tries to login to a network pc as the current user. if that user can't access the folder then a log on box will be displayed. xp home will only display a password box not a username and password. as xp home has been chopped down to only support share level access. (you may be able to hack part of this through the registry).

    2K on the other hand has full domain functionality so acts in the expected way.

    Just make sure that the user you log on to xp as is in valid on your linux box. try logging in locally using smbclient. something like > smbclient \\MyLinuxBox\Share -U username

    and see what happens.
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