Hi all!
I have the following setup on my Fedora Core 1 Box:
-MTA - Sendmail
-IMAP - wu-imap
-Webmail Client - Squirrelmail

Well, everything's normal, i can log on to squirrelmail using NIS username & password.
But there's a problem when i want to change passwords.
I have the change_password plugin installed for PAM which uses poppassd. I also have my poppassd running.

When i log in (authentication is ok from NIS server) and try to change passwords:
There's an error:
--> RPC: Can't encode arguments500 Server error, password not changed

my /var/log/messages say :
Mar 23 10:25:02 sshserver passwd(pam_unix)[27172]: password not changed for user1 on test-sfu

I think it is poppassd error 'cause when i manually try:
$telnet hostname 106
the session looks like this:

Connected to sshserver.inet.kec (
Escape character is '^]'.
200 poppassd v1.8.1 hello, who are you?
user user1
200 Your password please.
pass 123
200 Your new password please.
newpass 123456
RPC: Can't encode arguments500 Server error, password not changed
Connection closed by foreign host.

Password change suceeds when i use passwd program from command prompt.

$ passwd
Changing password for user user1.
Changing password for user1
(current) UNIX password:123
New password:123456
Retype new password:123456
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

Mar 23 15:09:09 sshserver passwd(pam_unix)[28877]: password changed for user1 on test-sfu

But when i use poppassd (used by squirrelmail) it fails:
Mar 23 15:14:03 sshserver passwd(pam_unix)[28947]: password not changed for user1 on test-sfu

As far as I know, poppassd also uses passwd to eventually change the passwords(see log messages above)

What is happening ? Am I missing something ? Do i have to put poppassd entry under PAM ?
I tried this but it does not work. Is this NIS problem ? If it is, why does it succceed in changing password from command prompt? Is it some permissions problem ?

Someone please enlighten me on this ? Pretty urgent.
Please help.
Thanks and regards