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    VNC/Other remote desktop connections

    I asked a Linux friend of mine what I should use to connect to my home computer with. He said that I should use VNC with ssh to connect to Linux. This can be done from either windows or Linux because it is VNC. However, to connect to my windows he says I should not use VNC because of security issues. He said I should try go2mypc, but Linux can't use that. Are there any other options besides VNC to allow a Linux user to connect to a windows machine?

    I am sorry if this is not the correct place to post this, I saw that this forum is for server security and the computer acts as a VNC server.

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    You could install Cygwin (google it) on the Win machine, run a ssh server on it, and connect to it from the Linux machine or anywhere else (you can use putty).

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    I may be clueless but unless you are overly paranoid then I do not see security being that big of a issue. You could pipe it thru ssh and that would be about as secure as most would ever need. This looks pretty good and has authentication methods as well as encryption methods.

    What exactly are you wanting to do?

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    "other options for a linux user to connect to a windows machine"

    have you tried rdesktop, its basically a remote desktop client that can connect to windows machines. it won't work going from windows to linux but does work linux to windows.

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    Thanks jledhead, I totally forgot about remote desktop. I installed rdesktop on my linux machine. However, to allow me to go into my windows machine I had to install Remote Desktop Web Connection. This is XP Professional only.

    I did this by going to control panel > add or remove programs > add/remove windows components. Then Internet Information Services > Details; then World Wide Web Service > Details; then the check-box for Remote Desktop Web Connection. Then click ok, ok, next. It might ask for the cd.

    To configure it, go to control panel > administrative tools > Internet Information Services. On the tree expand it like Hostname > Website > Default Website > IISHelp. Right click tsweb > properties > Directory Security. Then click edit under anonymous access and authentication control. Check the box for anonymous access. Then click ok, ok. It is all set. To connect to the server requires to password, but then to log into the server requires a local user account.

    I typed out the above incase people didn't want to look in the help and support center for windows.

    Edit: A much simpler way to do this is to forward port 3389 to the computer you want.

    Thanks jledhead

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