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    How do you find out if Apache is installed?

    I need to know how to find out if Apache is installed on a RH server. When I try to run the command 'service httpd start' I get an error message failed.


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    Could u post the error mesage up here? That should help!
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    do an rpm -q apache

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    This is what I get when I try to start the service.

    service httpd start
    Starting httpd: httpd: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

    So I added the servers static ip address in the httpd.conf file and just get Starting httpd: [FAILED]

    And when I check to see if any httpd processes are running I get this.
    ps -aux |grep httpd
    root 22140 0.0 0.1 5076 588 pts/0 S 01:50 0:00 grep httpd

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    do you know where your apache error log file is located?
    if so jsut do a tail -f <filename? and see the error message.
    unless you post the error message things will be difficult to debug.
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    I've came to the conclusion that apache is not installed on the server. Does anyone know of a good tutorial or could walk me through the basics on getting apache installed on a dedicated RH server remotely with ssh?


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    Apache is installed, you just have to edit apache's config files..


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    I've looked around and found the following files:
    /etc/httpd/ --> config files

    but can't find an apache directory.
    ran rpm -q apache and returns that it is not installed.
    since apachectl is on the system does that mean that apache has to already been installed?

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    run "apachectrl start" to start it.

    in redhat, apache doesnt have its own directory for binaries, you just have your httpd in /usr/bin/ from what i remember.


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    When I try to start apache with /apachectl start I get the following error.
    httpd: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName.

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