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    Web Page Hosting; Unable to Connect/Host

    Hi, my name is Matt, I'm a college student at Cal Poly and I am desperately in need of some advice.

    I am working on a school project to demonstrate multivendor OS connectivity. I have been assigned a Fedora 5 linux computer on a local area network to host a basic html web page to another computer running windows server 2003. The web page does not need to be seen by the ouside world, just the other computer on the lan.

    I set both computers with static IP addreses on a local area network. From the windows server 2003 computer I am able to ping the IP address of the linux box with a reply, and likewise from the Linux computer to Server 2003 i can ping with a reply. Although, when I directly type the ip address "" into firefox, it gives me an unable to connect error from either the linux or windows machine. I then tried copying the html files into "var/www/html/" and I tried inputting the root of the website into the "Virtual Hosts" section and specifiying the server name to host the website. I then tried starting the httpd service, but it simply gave me the spinning mouse symbol. I also tried typing "http://localhost" into firefox which was also unable to connect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    webpage hosting

    hi, my name is mohan

    try this..

    in the file httpd.conf, there will be 2 lines such as,

    #listen serverip :80
    #listen 80

    uncomment only the first line and enter your linux box's ip address.
    Sometimes leaving the second line uncomment, may create problems.
    Also if you have mentioned the name of the linux box in the servername line in this file, make sure that you have set the DNS.

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