I know this will seem like more a an XBMC question but i've posted to all of those boards for a while with no help (everyone over there uses windows). But I use Samba shares to share my music and videos on my PC with XBMC on my modded xbox. The trouble i have is that since I switched to Suse I will be streaming a video or music on the xbox and the video will suddenly drop like it reached the end of the file. I can then reopen the file and fast forward to the point it dropped and it will continue for a short time longer (usually doesn't play longer than 10 min before drops). There was never a problem when I was with windows. From the research I've done, XBMC's Samba client gets tested more with windows SMB shares than with Samba. It appears as though XBMC is expecting the server to send more data but it never get sent.

My question is whether anyone around here has seen similar issues, maybe even with clients other than XBMC. Is there some sort of config adjustments that can be made to make Samba act more like windows SMB. I'm away from my linux box so i can't provide versions or configs right now, but versions haven't seemed to matter. Let me know if you think those things might help find the issue and i will provide them.