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    Permissions issue with a windows file server

    Originally Posted by maddmatt
    Hi Roxoff,

    I have never gotten into forums and I wasn't sure how to start a thread and didn't want to look like a total dork, but I do need help and any help would be greatly appreciated.(got my Missus to show me - sometimes the simple things are the most deceiving.... [total Dork? Proven!])

    I am only a novice but I have set up several files servers to work with my window systems, I use them for replication but now and then I do a reinstall on a bigger drive when I need more space.

    The few I have happening right now work fine even to this day so I am totally lost to find that the latest one I have setup (in exactly the same way as the last) will only allow read access to my user....?

    I go in through windows as root and I do get read and write access so I have been trialing new smb.conf settings and even loaded a perfectly working smb.conf and still I only get read only access!

    I am setting these up from a "step by step" document I have written for myself (that I have used for the previous 4 installs not including these last 2) and I must be missing something?

    I have installed on FC4 and now CentOS but I get the same issue...

    If it is not the smb.conf or an Linux version issue what could it be?

    I am out of new ideas so if you could even breifly give me 2 or 3 things to research and check it would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    Hi there Matt,

    You really should post a help to the forums for this; it's really not hard, and you'll get the benefit of more than just my help.

    First thing you need to do is find out if the problem you have is caused by windows permissions or linux ones - then you know where to look to solve this.

    Try logging on the linux machine as one of the windows users (use their windwows username or their linux equivalent) and try to make a file in the directory that is pointed to by samba. E.g. if your samba share is /opt/samba/share, then something like:

    cd /opt/samba/share
    ls / >> test.txt

    should do it. If the file is created then you have a problem with Samba, if not then your linux permissions are screwed.

    Both are easy to fix, but you dont wanna be fixing the wrong one. And, of course, they could both be broken - and if that's the case, it's easier to fix the linux permissions first.

    There's some intro to linux file permissions here.

    Fixing samba permissions is usually two steps - making sure the user is being authenticated correctly (i.e. samba knows whoo they are) which is just a check that their password is set up properly and is the same as their windows one. Secondly by checking the share declaration in /etc/samba/smb.conf to be sure they have been given specific access or if they belong to a unix group that has access. Groups are set up in /etc/groups, unless you use a more complex authentication system such as NIS or LDAP.

    I hope that helps. Look into this further, and if you're still stuck either pm me back, or (even better) kick off a thread in the 'server' forum, where there's plenty of others that can help too.




    Hey Neil,

    Thank you for the instant reply!
    I logged on as the user and found that I could create a text file in under my main folder but not under the share folder...
    under [mrby@JanaNana ~]$ it let me create it
    under [mrby@JanaNana share]$ it give me the message
    "-bash: test.txt: no such file or directory"
    (my folders are /home/mrby/share/)

    So it looks like I wasted a weekend on a perfectly good smb.conf file, bugger.. I will check out the permissons and advise of the outcome...

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    the answer

    Thank you Roxoff your tips lead me to the answer;

    I took a look at the linux file permissons page that you recommended and after a quick read I realised that the reason why I could not write to my "share" folder.

    It was because I created the folder as root and not as my user, as the folder was not the users it would not allow the user to write to it. (thats what you get for deviating from my own notes).

    The good new is that I learnt how to post to a forum and a bit about permissions and I recon I will be dreaming in my sleep (anxiously) about writing smb.conf files for a while...

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