Please suggest me what was wrong....

I have configured sendmail mail server. It is working. I have even
configured dovecot properly. It is listening smtp on 25 port.
On command prompt users created on mail server as pop accounts
are able to send and receive emails. Even Outlook express configured
on other machine also can send the mail on mail server. But Evolution
Email on RHEL4 installed client is not showing any mail received. Even
on server also Evolution email not showing any email in Inbox.

Why it is so???... Can anybody suggest me what was goes wrong...
any configuration setting is required on mail server as well on client
machine to see the mail in the inbox of evolution email.

I have created two users, on my mail server
by just useradd and set the passwd also. Even in Evolution email Tools
Settings i have created pop accounts for these two users. is my mail server domain name and ipadd

On client machine also i have created two different accounts
and tried to send the emails... No errors is there in Send/Receive
It is working.... at the same time the received mail are not comming
in Inbox of the email.

I have ensured by issuing command mail on command prompt.
It is showing the mails for the particular user on server....

I am confused where i am wrong... What other settings are there
is there any setting to evolution email or sendmail server to show incomming
emails in Inbox of the mail client/Server's Evolution Email.....

Please help me..... I have first time configured the sendmail.....
I need it urgent