I've been trying to setup a linux box as a samba fax server.

Smb.conf is setup to use winbind for authentication and security=ads.
Joined the domain(W2K). Kinit, wbinfo, getent all work no problem.

However, there is one strange problem when attempting to connect to the samba server from an XP box on the network.

When I try to access the server through Network Neighborhood I am only authenticated as a guest and only guest shares are available. If I try to access other shares I get a password prompt that never accepts any password.
But now here is the strange thing, if I connect first through DOS Prompt using: "net use * \\SMBServer\Share /USER:DOMAIN\user" THEN I am correctly authenticated and can get access to all the shares also through Windows Explorer????????

Please does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.