I have configured sendmail server. At my server i have created users
Ex. abc@ttt.com
where ttt.com is my domain name at server.

I can send the mails from Evolution email client installed at different pc
in the network. my sendmail server is also receiving the mails. But those
i can see on server by issueing mail command and after reading these mails
by mail command. Then i have to import the mails from /home/userfolder
mbox file for normal display in Evolution email at server.

Those are not automatically redirecting to my evolution email account at
server...is there any setting to redirect/export/forward my all incomming mails
directly points in my evolution email Inbox.

This is a problem no. 1, Secondly,

My Evolution email client at different pc on the network is not able to receive
the mails into the Inbox....Also Outlook express also not able to receive the emails from server. Although these all clients from the network can send the mails to sendmail server. But See those mails i need to go to sendmail server.
How i can receive the emails of my account at my Evolution/Outlook express mail client at my pc on the network.....

Please suggest me where i went wrong in the setting/configuration....
also suggest me which conf. i must ensure as per your suggestions.....