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    apache hangs cpu 100% utilization many http requests

    apache hangs cpu 100% utilization many http requests

    my apache uses 100% CPU after a while.
    How could I help myself?

    please see PROBLEM HERE


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    Modify httpd.conf file Try Increasing

    MinSpareServers 32 Originally MinSpareServers 5
    MaxSpareServers 64 Originally MaxSpareServers 20

    Also look into DOS on apache ..

    Shld do the trick.

    Best Regards

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    nope it doesnt then start at all

  4. $spacer_open
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    Wats your server hardware spec?

    If your websites are developed with PHP then try using PHP Accelerator.

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    VDS WIN 2003 enterprise
    1 GB RAM
    60 GB HDD
    2 GHZ

    APACHE 2.2.2
    PHP 5.1.4

    by the way apache crashesh with silent exit on regular bais ~ 40-60 minutes

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    My frnd ,,

    Machine is very good one ... shld work fine ...

    may be u can give a Try using LINUX CENT OS 4.3 or 4.4 latest with the same XAMMP u r using it in win 2003.

    See if it makes difference.



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    ofcourse not!
    what am I an idiot or something to swtich from windows 2003 to nix?

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    Well, this is what were you expecting?

    How active is the site that apache is hosting? Do you use dynamic content like php? You said that apache wouldn't start if you changed MinSpareServers to 32 and MaxSpareServers to 64. Did this cause any errors?
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