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    Evolution client not showing email in Inbox

    I have two machines for this execise.
    1. Mail Server with RHEL4U2 32 BIT Installed fully. - On which I have configured sendmail as a server.
    2. Another PC where I have installed RHEL4U2 32 bit again... as a client machine to send and receive emails.

    My sendmail server is prob.
    Now i want to send / Receive emails from client and check it on server where i have configured Evolution email client.

    Sendmail is working it is sending and receiving the messages without giving any errors. Suppose i have created mgr,bmkc users on server. with email address, and suppose i have composed new mail from bmkc user of client PC -->Internet--->Evolution email for and send the message. Client PC send the message to server without any error.... On server when i checked into the Evolution
    email configured on Server machine it is not showing in Evolutions Inbox directly.... I know sendmail will not directly put the message in Evolution Inbox. But where as i issued the commandline command on Server machine by using
    [ root@datacenter~] su - mgr
    [mgr@datacenter~] mail
    It is showing the message received on
    But when i turned to Evolution Inbox it is not showing... when i searched where exactly the message receives as incoming
    mail - the location i found ----- \HOME\mgr\mbox where mbox is not a folder.... it is a file. Secondly, when i import the
    mbox into Evolution Inbox then Evolution Inbox showing the message. Now I want some settings or procedure at the result
    of which the messages will directly redirected to Evolution Inbox of the Server PC.

    Secondly, when i compose email from servers evolution email for to send to client. Servers evolution
    send the message without error, but while i turned to client machine , It is also not showing in Evolution email Inbox even after
    send/receive execution.

    Some stuff on the net suggesting to create .forward and .procmailrc files in the /Home/mgr or /Home/{usernamefolder}
    Even i have tried for that also , created .forward file in the server's /Home/mgr with contents -
    and in .procmailrc file of /Home/mgr or /Home/{usernamefolder} with contents -
    PATH = /usr/sbin:/usr/bin - Sendmail path
    MAILDIR=/root/.evolution/mail/local#Inbox - Mailbox location
    I think here at MAILDIR i may wrong..... I am not able to write exactly the mailbox location here.....
    Please suggest me how to write.....

    One more thing i have observed .... my /var/spool/mqueue folder is not empty it is showing some files, also clientmqueue is also
    not empty which is i think for outgoing messages. Is there anything settings are required in of sendmail.rc or
    dovcot.conf files resides on server.




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    mail getting lost between server and Evolution Inbox

    I am seeing the same problem on Mepis 8.0 - brand new install.
    Was the original problem ever resolved?

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    Welcome to the forums, Pat!

    Please start a new thread describing any issues you are experiencing. This thread is over 2 years old and the OP has logged in since just a few days after starting the thread.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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