gFTP is giving me trouble -- it will start, but that's about all. i can not connect to any remote sites via bookmark, nor quick-connect typing the info.
I can still FTP in a graphical environment via Konqueror, or via FireFTP (firefox... most excellent XPI !!).

then, why am i here clogging up the works? because the COOLEST thing about gFTP, for me, was the "EDIT" remote file feature. clicking edit there would open the file in Kate, from where i could edit and save the file, and upon closing Kate, gFTP had this keen habit to recognize that the file was modified from that which was originally selected. supporting this is that gFTP saves the 'temp-file' from Kate, and after closing Kate, asks my permission to upload that new version.

the method is my preferred way of 'proof-reading' newly published web sites. -- publish 'rough draft' and then pick away the errors... using only via my aforementioned gFTP method for fixing those errors. in this manner, i am saved from my obsessive compulsive nature to change more than what is needed, or play w/ other, unrelated project files. -- so it really works great for me.

i'm wishing to perhaps find an RPM for FC5 of a newer version than my "up to date, stable version, or any other solution for gFTP to come back to life.
other than that, i'd like to find a replacement for gFTP which will allow me to do as i've described w/ the single-file-editing technique. perhaps i could configure Kate to do it on its own? not sure-- but the goal here is to be able to easily Browse the Directory, both local and remote. i just like that darn gFTP

thanks. looking forward to hearing what else might be out there in terms of GUI-style FTP clients w/ 'live edit' capability.