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    Squirrelmail server issue

    Ok. Being new to the linux world, I am proud to say that I have managed to get Fedora Core 6 and a squirrelmail server running. Well, its running and I can send mail from the web interface anyway. Now this is where I am really really confused. If i use a mail client ...say Outlook from any machine anywhere, I constantly get Relay access denied. I have googled this for the last week and a half and am getting more confused. I know it has something to do with postfix and trusted relay, but i for the life of me can't figure out what. Can anyone help me out please?

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    ok. mental note

    Specify "mynetworks_style = class" when Postfix should "trust" SMTP
    # clients in the same IP class A/B/C networks as the local machine.
    # Don't do this with a dialup site - it would cause Postfix to "trust"
    # your entire provider's network. Instead, specify an explicit
    # mynetworks list by hand, as described below.
    # Specify "mynetworks_style = host" when Postfix should "trust"
    # only the local machine.

    mynetworks_style = class
    mynetworks_style = subnet
    #mynetworks_style = host

    please note the red. Problem fixed. Seems that all 3 of these lines were uncommented causing the exact problem described above it

    Anyone know how to adjust mail attachment size in SM?

    thanks for all the help.

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    Ok. Really need help here bad. I can't get remote users to have the ability to send mail. This has become a problem. SquirrelMail, FC6, appache, dovecot, and postfix are all working for those on the company domain, but anyone at their homes or in the field can't send mail. They are getting Relay accesss Denied. I have everything setup so that I thought it would allow local account users to relay mail no matter where they are, but it isn't working. HELP!!!

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