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    web server has been hacked

    Hi Everybody,

    My webserver has been hacked.
    I checked with the nikto, it gave the following.

    [root@shanker nikto-1.35]# ./ -h <my_ip>
    - Nikto 1.35/1.34 -
    + Target IP: <my_ip>
    + Target Hostname: <my_ip>
    + Target Port: 80
    + Start Time: Tue Nov 28 19:14:14 2006
    - Scan is dependent on "Server" string which can be faked, use -g to override
    + Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Fedora)
    + HTTP method 'TRACE' is typically only used for debugging. It should be disabled. OSVDB-877.
    + 2.0.54 (Fedora) - TelCondex Simpleserver 2.13.31027 Build 3289 and below allow directory traversal with '/.../' entries.
    + / - TRACE option appears to allow XSS or credential theft. See for details (TRACE)
    + /scripts - Redirects to http://<my_ip>/scripts/ , Remote scripts directory is browsable.
    + /webmail/ - Redirects to src/login.php , Web based mail package installed.
    + /access-log - Just found this log file... (GET)
    + /logs/access_log - Just found this log... (GET)
    + /scripts/login.cgi - This might be interesting... (GET)
    + /webmail/src/read_body.php - This might be interesting... has been seen in web logs from an unknown scanner. (GET)
    + 2563 items checked - 5 item(s) found on remote host(s)
    + End Time: Tue Nov 28 20:44:54 2006 (5440 seconds)
    + 1 host(s) tested

    Please tell me if any vulnerabilites are there on my server.
    Please suggest any apache webserver hardening tools

    Thanks Inadvance,

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    Your Server was hacked?

    This is not evidence that your server was actually hacked. Your forensics should not be based on the output provided by a single script. Start by reading
    Develop other methods of researching your servers and securing them. Become intimate with your software and environment and then you will using "...the Force Luke".

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