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    Please Test My Servers Speed

    I just got done setting up ubuntu server 6.10 and LAMP on a spare box I have laying around.

    I pointed a domain to it and uploaded a 8mb dummy file to test the download speeds.

    I connected to a neighbors wireless lan to get off my network and test the download speeds but his signal kept on dying to I dont think it was a good test.

    Im running dsl so i know the speeds wont be super fast. On my neighbors weak connection i was getting 60kbs from the server.

    If you guys could please goto the link provided and download the test file and let me know what kind of speeds your getting it would really help me to figure out what kind of sites I can run from home and which ones I should keep on the paid host.

    heres the link click here

    You can report your speeds back here or email me at

    Thanks for your help everyone

    also heres the server specs incase anyone wants to know


    Dual Intell PIII 800mhz CPUs Totaling 1.6GHZ
    740 MB Ram
    10/100 NIC
    15 GB Main 10000rpm HDD (soon to be upgraded)
    10 GB Seconday 7500rpm HDD (server backups)


    Ubuntu server 6.10
    lamp setup

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    Bump............someone please test the speed

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    Linux User yourname3232's Avatar
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    I get an unable to connect error.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yourname3232
    I get an unable to connect error.
    QFT I can't connect to it either.
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    my wife shut down the comp that updates the dns for the server (dynamic ip )

    Its up now, please try.

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    Linux Engineer spencerf's Avatar
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    i was gettin between 35-40kbs downloading it
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    It took ~5 seconds to get up to speed, but then I got ~40KB/s.
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    so is this a good speed for a dsl connected linux server?

    Do you think there would be alot of lag loading webpages?

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