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    Webmin configuration help

    Alright. I've troubleshooted most of it already. I just need a bit of a push.

    Ok here's my problem. No matter how I edit my webmin config settings, I can never access webmin via browser. Here are the some of the steps I took.

    #1: Forwarded neccesary ports, and even used DMZ in my router to completely leave my computer unprotected.

    #2: Installed webmin correctly

    #3: Fooled around with config miniserv.conf

    I'm not getting anywhere and fast.

    The problem is, before this I installed XAMPP and could view the splash screen from http://localhost.

    I can no longer view that.

    The error I get is connection refused when trying to contact local host.

    It's not the router, and DSL linux does not come with a firewall.

    So I'm sure it has something to do with the configuration files of webmin.

    Because before webmin was installed, I could view the XAMPP splash screen.

    I looked in miniserv.conf and there were no Allow or deny lines, so I just left it.

    To access webmin I tried http://localhost:10000 and https://localhost:10000

    still didn't work. Connection refused.

    What I need to do is be able to access webmin from LAN which is about three computers.

    I can't understand what is wrong, and I've googled for hours and hours and CANNOT find a solution.

    hopefully you guys can help me.

    Otherwise i'll have to get rid of webmin

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    Alright... I've got some things narrowed down.

    It's definetley the webmin configuration.

    I re installed DSL linux, and XAMPP, and webmin.

    I haven't touched any config files.

    The XAMPP splash page shows now at http://localhost, but webmin still won't show.

    I know it's not the router, as I have done extensive testing.

    It has to be the webmin config files. I just don't know what to edit.

    I've tried so many editing tips from other webmin config sites, but nothing works.

    Currently, the miniserv.conf has no allow= or deny= lines. Should I edit this file, or edit another file and leave this one alone.

    I'm so close I can taste it. Please help me out here.

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    is your linux firewall blocking port 10000? this could be the problem, also make sure webmin is running.

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    Damn Small Linux doesn't have a firewall as far as I know.

    And yes webmin was running.

    I got rid of it now though. Just wasn't working out.

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