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    sendmail problem

    hey guys I'm setting up sendmail on my server, I think I"m close to getting it to work,. but when I loggin through outlook it says that linux sent back an error saying that it cannot open the users mailbox, could you guys help me? thanks.


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    does the file exist? wat r the permissions on the mail folder?
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    what is the "mail" folder? is it in /var/spool/mail ? or is it in the users home dir?

    the permission is /var/spool/mail/username is set to 777 and the permissions to the /hom/username is also set to 777.

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    sendmail problem


    Are you running IMAP or POP?


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    Sendmail is an SMTP server which sends and recieves mail from other SMTP servers. It also sends mail for clients. However, you don't 'check' your mail from sendmail(SMTP) you use other methods like POP3 or IMAP or webmail(which are usually just web page front ends for IMAP)

    So if you can't send emails then it is either a problem with your email client or SMTP server(sendmail)

    If you can't recieve email then it is a problem with POP3,IMAP, or a local mail app like pine.

    Why don't you send us the exact message it gives you. You might also double check that you have the right email account settings. If you installed POP3 or IMAP on your linux box then it's probably UW-IMAP(I think?). If you are using sendmail then by default I believe it looks at your /var/spool/mail dir and your mail folders are in ~/mail

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