I've got a samba server that has
workgroup = NTDOMAIN
and when I change this to
workgroup = ADDOMAIN
I end up with loads of the following spewing all over my logs
nmbd[5127]: [2006/12/15 17:23:15, 0] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:collect_all_workgroup_names_from_wins_server(588)
nmbd[5127]:   collect_all_workgroup_names_from_wins_server:
nmbd[5127]:   Cannot find my workgroup DOMAINNAME on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET.
I have another machine, almost identical in both hardware and software (I ghosted it) which I have set this to the new domain and it is fine with this. No errors in logs. The only difference is that the former is acting as a WINS server and has the following set
wins support = yes
I have tried things like
domain master = yes
domain master = no
but neither seem to make a difference.

I'm not sure why the WINS server doesn't just let itself continue as before. It is the WINS server after all and should query itself, but it is also on the same subnet as the Windows 2003 AD domain controllers so broadcast on subnet should also work. It just don't understand what' wrong with it.

Any Ideas?