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    Debian, Solaris or ?

    I am setting up one to three servers and I think that I am either going to install debian or solaris on them. I have never set up as server before but I have installed OS's, built computers, etc. I need a distribution that is easy to maintain and if anyone knows of any good tutorials which could help or any really good books on it please tell me. Thank You

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    Well, Debian based system are dead easy to maintain. Upgrading/updating packages is super easy and will require little to no effort. I have no experience with Solaris except a quick try of Belenix. As a linux user, I would recommend Debian. If you're looking for help from this community, you will get better results from using a linux based system. Don't let this hold you back though - Solaris has a reputation for being a good server OS.

    My advice: try them both on a non-production machine and see for yourself.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Many regard Solaris as being one of the finest flavours of Unix out there - however if I were to add my few cent to that I'd say that it probably is on Sparc architecture. Howeveer on intel it is lacking in the driver area, and I've never used a system that has had such a hard time just booting on new systems. I've tried Solaris 10 a few times, I have a retail set and also I have used the likes of Belenix and Nexenta.

    Debian would have a bit more of a learning curve than some other distros, but it is probably the best option for a server. It is very well tested (hence the slow release cycles) and extremely easy to administer beyond the initial setup. It also has a ridiculously large number of packages available.

    I think when building a server you'll always be happy with a Unix system so either will be good. If you are building a Web server you might like this site, and I will always recommend a visit to for howtos on just about everything.

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