Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your help. Here's my problem:

I'm sending email to user@domain.com. Domain.com has mx records something like this:
10 server1
20 server2
30 server3
40 server4
50 server5

However, their system is set up so that server 2 only accepts email if server 1 is offline, and so on down the line.

However, postfix on my server seems (I'm not 100% sure that this is the caes, but the logs seem to indicate this) to send the email to any one of the 5 - instead of the first one listed.

I spoke with a tech at the user's domain about this and he says I need to configure postfix to handle 'priority vs. loadbalancing'. Unfortunately I don't see anything in the config files to change this behavior.

Is there a way to change postfix from load balancing to priority? Or am I looking in the wrong place to explain this behavior?

Thanks in advance.