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    Apache2 proxy second login problem


    I have a Apache2 Proxy with a proxy login:
    <Proxy *>
    " Som stuff"
    Require valid-user

    A few redirects and I have problem with this one:
    ProxyPass /nagios/ http://internal_server/nagios/
    <Location /nagios/>
    ProxyPassReverse /

    Not the redirect, it works and after a successfull proxy login,
    I get the Nagios login.
    After entering a successfull Nagios login, I get back to the proxy login.

    Entering the proxy login again and I get "Authorization Required" from Nagios.

    Why does it go back to the proxy login and how can I fix it?


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    More info:

    After the proxy login, he attempts to login to the Nagios server with the same credentials.

    As the user dosn't exists in Nagios I get the Nagios login window, but whatever ia'm enter as the username, Nagios uses the username from the proxy.

    So, how to prevent the Apache/Proxy to sharing the credentials to the other servers?


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    It seems that the proxy sends 401 (Authorization Required) back to the browser instead of 407 (Proxy Authentication Required).

    Does anyone know how to tell apache to send 407.


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