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    Question for experienced mail server admin

    I have a lamp setup running centos 4.4 final. My ISP block port 25 so my email server will not sent mail.

    I have a few questions to ask that might enable me to send mail from my machine.

    The first question is, in sendmail or postfix is there a way to change to port from 25 to something else? Would this allow me to send mail? If so please be detailed on how to do this, Im new when it comes to mail servers.

    My second question is, if that doesnt work, is there a way to setup the mail server to use my mail account that I got from my isp to send emails. On my vbulletin forum you can set it up to send mail with a smtp account instead of the built in sendmail. I had to put in my account details then it uses that account to send board emails instead of sendmail because my mail server on the server doesnt work. Is there a way i can set up the server so that when it gets a request to send an email it uses one of my isp smtp accounts. I know this wouldnt allow me to make email accounts but it would at least allow my clients to use defaut parameters to send mail from scripts and such.

    Thanks for helping out a mail server noOb and please remember to be specific and detailed because sometimes I get answers on here that require you to be redhat certified to


    -DJ 2501-

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    Another thing, when I refresh my virtualmin config after enabling postfix it says "please define virtual domain map" What is this and how do I do that?

    Remember noob here.

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