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    Server gone slow!!

    Hello people,

    I am about to setup a server in the "real world" and for now I am runnig some tests. The SW in use are:
    - linux version is RH 9
    - MySQL 4
    - JBoss 3.0.8/jetty
    - James MailServer

    and a router/firewall with only 4 sockes open.

    For this configuration, is it possible for virus inffection (mails are not opened in the server, they are fetch by other pc's)!?

    If this configuration is not ideal, what would be the best way to setup this server in the real world?

    Best regards


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    There are very few viruses targeting linux so you are relatively safe.

    The main issue for you will be securing your software.
    The firewall is essential - make sure its configured well.
    On MySQL make sure that you have the users set up correctly. e.g. if it will only be accessed by clients on the lan then make sure that all users are setup with like John@192.168.1.% - ensure that all users have good passwords. If it is only going to be accessed from the same machine using UNIX sockets then disable network access to it. (start mysqld with the --skip-networking parameter).

    Also ensure that your mail server is not set up as an open relay. you don't want people exploiting you to send spam.

    I don't know anything about JBoss. Sorry

    There's a bunch of other stuff you can do to make sure your RH 9 server is secure but without much more info its hard to give advise. If this server is going to be mission critical then buy a good security book. There's some books by Redhat for there certification courses - they have one on securing RH9.

    Good luck
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