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    ftp logging at client side

    Hi Everybody,

    How can I monitor a user's ftp transactions (downloads/uploads) from the client side as at server side /var/log/xferlog maintains ftp transactions.
    Here I want to observe a particular user's downloads and uploads.
    It is possible, Is Linux maintains any logs for that.

    Please help me.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    OK, here's one way: CBE (crude but effective)
    make a systemwide alias/function

    alias sftp='sftp -vv 2>>/root/sftp.log'

    to the user, this looks like ordinary sftp; yet it
    writes lots of info including file transfer sizes

    you could use awk to get a daily/weekly sum

    more secure would be to get the source for sftp, and
    rewrite main() a little, so it did this logging for
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