HI there,

I'm looking at making my own Linux server to cover a multitude of things, such as a one stop file server, and a media server to manage my music/movie collection anywhere and webserver for dev.

Now i know this has prob been asked before, but i thought i'd post just to clear up a few things.

Now distro wise, i'm rlly not sure - it needs to be fairly lightweight, as i'm going to be using minimal hardware to keep it quiet/small. Easy to use, as i'm a Linux novice, but enough there for when i want to do more.
Now i'm planning on running the system headless, but i was wondering what the easiest way to manage it would be - i'd appreciate something GUI based - i've heard of the likes of VNC, WebMin, etc - but which ones' the easiest/best to use?

File server wise, obvious choice is Samba, as i'm running all XP machines.

Media server wise, i quite like the look of Jinzora, it seems to fit the bill almost perfectly. Is there anything special i need to know about a media server - i want it to be able to stream over the web, so i can access my music wherever, but i'd also like it to be able to control the music locally, as i'm planning on tying the server into my hifi - is NetJuke the right thing to use? MPD?

Webserver - Apache, PHP and MySql all go in for Jinzora anyways, and they're ideal for dev. etc.

Basically, as much info as possible would be appreciated.