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    OpenLDAP and clients

    Hi regulars and Guru's,

    I'm looking to get a discussion going on Open LDAP that will clear up my personal misconceptions, misunderstands, and thoughts on how it needs to be implemented.

    I'm comfortable with using MS Windows Active Directory to connect Windows client workstations. I'm also set up Samba to do same. No Biggie. I use a Panther (Apple, Mac) which is an implementation of OpenDirectory Server, to manage the roaming profiles of both Mac and Windows workstation machines.

    What the three servers do (MacLinWIn ) can do is support roaming profiles for workstations, but only Mac and Windows.

    What I want to know is, if there is a way to support a Linux client with roaming profiles?

    I am not looking for a thin client. If I wanted that I would have them (elementary school children, by the way) launch VNC, and thus their desktop.) This is not an implementation that I am looking for.


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    If your looking at just setting up a basic OpenLDAP server check out this link below

    Setup OpenLDAP

    If you want to have a cool web interface into it try this link below

    phpldapadmin & OpenLDAP

    If your looking into the more secure way of doing things try the link below

    OpenSSL & OpenLDAP

    If your looking at getting your client to authenicate against your openldap server try the link below this;

    LDAP linux client with OpenLDAP server

    For more information on LDAP linux clients

    Fore more information on OpenLDAP servers

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