Hi all,

Currently I'm learning to build a Squid server to cache updates for online games. Most of the games use HTTP so I didn't find much problem setting it. But one of them uses FTP and always changes its port for every file it sends, and what made me more confused was that the access.log never catched any news from all the transactions it made.

These are what I got using TCPView 2.34 a few weeks ago:

Ragnarok.exe:1252 TCP PC:1789 ip-167-72.dtp.net.id:ftp ESTABLISHED
Ragnarok.exe:1252 TCP PC:1790 ip-167-72.dtp.net.id:4424 ESTABLISHED

And this is what I get just now:

Ragnarok.exe:3244 TCP PC:2701 ip-161-119.dtp.net.id:ftp ESTABLISHED
Ragnarok.exe:3244 TCP PC:2706 ip-161-119.dtp.net.id:18285 ESTABLISHED

I don't know why Squid is unable to catch anything from the server. Is there anyone can explain it? And any solution perhaps?