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    postfix or sendmail?

    I'm setting up a server that we intend to use for bulk newsletters (30k + mailout's)
    I'm looking into majordomo and mailman but would like to know what is recommended as the MTA: postfix or sendmail? Is sendmail a nightmare to admin from a security perspective? The server will sit behind a firewall anyway but I don't really want to have to patch it every week. Any thoughts/ gotchas on either?

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    have a look at this and perhaps then you can choose one

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    thanks for the link but I'm kind of after 'real world' experience and that didn't seem to offer what I'm after. Useful to know about tho

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    i ran sendmail for a while on my red hat server and found it a bit fiddly to set up and that was with a guide from a magazine so im not really sure what you should try

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    I have been running both, and I prefer postfix.

    Sendmail is very good but postfix is faster to setup and uses Maildir format. (that makes the memory usage lower on a Postfix malserver...)


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    THe only thing that I've ever used is sendmail. There haven't been any major vulnerabilities in a while but, I do think it can be a pain in the ass. Recompiling it is a pain. You should look a mailman or majordomo and see what they recommend. I just noticed that just about every package out there that uses email supports sendmail. Not sure if it's the same for postfix. I'm actually going to try that out some time.


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    I actually recommend Qmail. Go to for a better combination of packages and read their tutorial on setting it up~

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