Hello, I have vsftp setup, in CentOS 4.4 but I have two questions.

How do I get the service to autostart? Currently I have to execute the following to start it:

$service vsftpd start

It is wierd though, because there is a execuable script file in my /etc/init.d folder name vsftpd. I was under the impression the files in this folder make a service autostart.

Second question, I changed the default path of the ftp user from /home/ftp to /var/www/html because I want to be able to access my web files via the ftp account. The problem is that I can login and view my web files, but whenever I try and upload a file, or rename or delete I get permission denied. I am not sure what exactly the problem is, I added the apache group to the user ftp, so it is currently part of the ftp and apache groups. Though when I look into my /var/www/html folder and files all files and folder recusiverly are owned by the user root and group root. This is probably the issue, but I am very scared of chaning all the permissions.