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    Samba folder browseable to specific users!

    Hello, is it possible to create a share folder in samba, which is only browseable by one user? I don't want the other users to see this folder in "My network places" at all...

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    Yes it is.

    IIRC, its just a matter of making the share declaration with 'browseable = no' and adding 'browselist = @<group>' or 'browselist = user1, user2,...,userN'

    You do need to be certain that your user authentication is working correctly, though.
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    Hmm... that didn't work. I know that my user authentication works, because each user can see his home folder! Also I am using "valid users = user1" for this folder and this works fine too.

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    I stumbled onto this when looking for the solution to the very same problem. What I came up with was this:
    path = /backup/test
    valid users = test
    read only = no
    browseable = no

    Then to connect to it enter in the path of the share ie smb://USER IN VALID USERS@SERVER/SHARENAME The share will not be visible to the network and only users in your valid users section can connect to it. I hope this helps anyone else googling for this.

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