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    Apache User Permissions

    I am a member of a website, but not the head admin for the server. The head guy wants me to be able to edit all aspects of the website. I can connect to the web server via FTP and view the entire site. I have unrestricted access to view, however when I go to delete a page or to overwrite with an update it gives me the 550 error.

    I told him about this, but his "right-hand man" is no longer available to help him with such alterations of the setup. What does he need to do to allow me complete persmission to delete, edit, overwrite and all that stuff?

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    well he should add a group,call it say webmasters and add u in that group. next he runs a chgrp( to change the group) of the /var/http/www or /var/http or the location of the webpages to this group, and then chmod the files of the directory to provide read write and execute access to the group members (execute would be useful for testing the scripts.)


    # groupadd -g 511 siteadmin
    # usermod -G siteadmin my_login
    # chgrp -cR siteadmin /var/http
    # chmod -r g+rwx /var/http
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    his reply

    He said that this didn't help him because "I admin my server with an application called WebMin that is specifically for Linux/Apache servers" Anyone know about that?

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    If he can only use webmin to administer the site then he is not a REAL admin.

    Since neither of you really know what you are doing I would recommend this.

    You find out what version of webmin, apache, and linux he is running. Then try to mimic the setup on your own system...right down to the permission structure. Before you start changing the permission structure of a production site you should really make sure that what you do won't mess up the site. Just installing apache on your machine will probably make you more of an expert on it that the 'admin'.

    Webmin is just a webpage interface written in perl( I think) to configure services and your system. You can edit things like httpd.conf, dhcp, mailscanner, spamassassin, NFS, etc.

    I'm not sure if it has the capablility of editing the permission structure of apache.

    Try to get SSH access to the box. that way you can snoop around. Actually you can probably get an idea of the permission structure via ftp.

    Here is a small tut on installing apache, openssl, and mod_ssl.

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    If you some how figure out that you do have ssh/telnet access to the machine.. you simplly need to "chown user /apache/directory" , if he wants you to control all apects of the website.. then you need to chown user to /etc/apache/* and /var/www/* , you really don't need to create a whole new group on the system.

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