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    procmail problems

    I'm very unfamiliar with any of the linux aspects of using fetchmail, qmail and procmail, but having spent two whole days working on this, I have got it close to where I need it to be - but, before I start procmail working, emails were dumped into a single directory which could be collected using a pop3 client (Thunderbird). However, when I enable procmail to distribute the email to different users, they are sucessfully delivered but when I attempt to collect them, they suddenly disappear into the "cur" folder, and my client tells me the email is no longer there.

    I have checked options to try and keep the filename - but I just can't find why it keeps doing this.

    Hope someone, somewhere has the answer!



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    I am not very sure as to the anture of your problem but i suspect that you do not have unix style mailboxes in each users home directory, try creating a maildir dir or a mailbox ascii file.

    I hope that helps

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    That sounds like it may be the issue - but I understand Linux about as much as the history of the universe.....

    Here's where I'm at.

    I'm using Plesk to create the email accounts, so it auto creates the structure it needs to run, then manually configuring procmail to sort the emails and then using a client to collect the mail, but that's where the problem hits, as soon as it tries to collect it, it moves it to a different folder and says to the client that it's gone - that's where I'm stuck - I suspect your advice is correct but I know so little about it, I'm not sure if I've done it wrong.



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    I think I've pin pointed the problem, but the problem I have now is I have no idea where the issue originates from:

    The filename in the mailbox of an non-procmail processed email is:

    When I use procmail to filter the main, this is what the filename ends up as:

    It appears that the _0 causes an issue - and it will change to _1 if the lock command is added - I just can't find any way of no adding this to the filename, it's extremely frustrating as this is the final piece before I have a fully working mail system!



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