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    php/apache and file permissions

    Php can't write to files/directories that are owned by apache:ftp w/rwx rights (ie. fopen & etc fail)

    this is a new gentoo server i set up in november as a dev box

    i'm completely stumped... suggestions would be appreciated

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    Try changing the file's/directory's owner and/or group to nobody.

    chown nobody /file/you/want/php/to/write/to
    chgrp nobody /file/you/want/php/to/write/to

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    Thanks. I tried this, with no luck. PHP isn't in safemode and open_basedir isn't set.

    I'm totally lost.

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    I wrote a simple diagnostics script to test fopen on its own - the diagnostic script works, indicating this has nothing to do with server configuration.

    Thanks all!

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