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    apache install problem---Figured It Out!!

    I have installed Redhat 9.0 and chouse to include Apache 2.0 and all of its tools. But every time it doesnt install apache like it should.

    This is what is does

    When I type in httpd to enable it
    than go to localhost I get a test page saying apache has been segsesfuly installed on my system, yet the stupid page is named noindex.html and is in a folder called error.

    I cant find an hdocs folder, I cant find the correct index.html, Apache hasnt installed anything as far as I can see except some apache icon pictures.

    What can I do so I can get to my htdocs folder and index.html, becouse my test page isnt the correct index and isnt even placed in the correct folder.

    I would try and download apache from their website but cant get redhat working to go online

    Anyone have the same trouble as me, What the heck should I do???

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    What I did is create a page called index.html place it in /var/www/html/

    apache than sees that there is a valid index page, and opens that page, insted of opening the error test page. I was just expecting it to have already placed an index.html their in the first place but now that I know the currect directry I'm all happy!

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