I am designing a set of shell and expect scripts to automate SFTP and FTP file transfers. They will be parameterized so that special code doesn't have to be written for each of the remote servers with which we will exchange files.

FTP servers have no message standardization and don't all always issue the same messages in the same circumstances. So I have to have runtime parameters for each remote FTP server specifiying what messages that particular server will issue in response to to various transfer events. For example, different messages can be issued by different servers for the "no files to pull" and for "file transfer was successful" events.

My question is whether I have to do the same thing for SFTP. I have worked with a lot of remote FTP servers, but with very few SFTP servers. So far, the messages issued seem standardized, but I hope that someone more experienced with SFTP can verify this.

Thanks for any help.