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    Samba Share & Windows Clients or. how to delete safe ?

    Hello All,

    i have a the following problem:

    samba server (red hat) with share security. One Directory is read / write to everyone. Everything is fine. My silly Windows XP Clients can go to the share create documents, save documents and delete files. FINE...

    But now a user (win xp) comes to me and said: i have deleted a hole direcoty. It was an misstake. OKAY. So i only want this:

    If an windows XP client connected via samba to my fileserver and delete something, the system should move the "trash" to a Folder on my linux system called "Files deleted in the last 10 Days" !.

    So that i have the possibillity to recover the files over 10 Days. After 10 Days it could clean himself up...

    Hope someone could help me....i found something for linux called libtrash but this donīt function for an access via samba...

    Thanks a lot

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    To summarise: Not possible.

    Educate your users, or bash them senseless, or give them each their own private share that only that can edit/delete from, then if they do something stupid like deleting loads of work, its them that will have to face the concequences.

    Oh - If you do proper backups, you could just have easily restored that users stuff so at most only the last 24 hours work was lost


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    dependign on how much stuff is in those directories, it might be feasible to have a script that runs once a day to copy all the samba accessible stuff to a non accessible location for backups.

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    this is a windows problem. When you delete files from a network drive they just get deleted.

    the message that popups up does say this.

    why not make a script that backs up the share to a different folder every night.

    set this up as a mapped network drive called something like SHARE-ARCHIVE.

    then let them deal with it.

    Also, you should tell them this is a good thing. Real security. Otherwise, would they feel safe looking at their bank details online etc. Knowing that you have access to everything the have even if they delete it. Users I work with like this. Its now their responsibility. They just need to slow down and read dialog boxes.
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    Hello All,
    thank you for your helps. I saw some things on the net about i will try to do it with that. if it doesnīt work i set up a backup script..Perhaps someone has expierience with

    sources about

    thanks all


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