Hello everyone -

Am having some issues with a Samba share that I'm trying to configure. I'm trying to share the /home partition on my Linux/Debian distribution so that I can back up all of the users' files. We have approximately 25 users, along with a few other folders created for our Macintosh computer lab and our PC lab. Each of these folders have been created within the /home parition so that only that user can access that folder and no one else.

Our backup device is a Rocketvault 250gb backup device made by Intradyn systems.

I went into Webmin, and created a system user entitled "rocketvault", and put that user in the root group. Then, I went to the Samba server webmin module, and created a share on the /home partition. Under SECURITY AND ACCESS CONTROL, I have writable checked to yes, and I have LIMIT TO POSSIBLE LIST off. Under VALID USERS, I have the rocketvault account in there, and under VALID GROUPS, I have the root group in there. I'm getting an error from the rocketvault device that says the directory is not in read/write mode, and when I try to mount this share on my XP box and create folders using the rocketvault account I created, I get ACCESS DENIED messages. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do this. FYI: When I create a system user, I have the option set to also create that user in Samba as well.

I'm guessing that it has something to do with the permissions on the home folder itself. Not sure what to do about modifying those settings.

I have to create a Samba share, because that's the only way that the rocketvault system can access the files to back them up.

Sooooo ... my question is, how do I share my /home partition, giving read/write access to only this user on all files and folders within that directory, while at the same time, maintaining all of the permissions that have already been established for the other users?

Thanks much for your help. I'm sure I'm making a mountain out of a mowhill here, but I just can't figure this one out.