Does anyone have a solution for following problem? We are using multifunction printers (HP LJ 4345X) in our company and we are trying to send faxes over network. At the moment it is possible to send fax from MFP and it arrives in our mail server (M$ Exchange) in one mailbox (for example fax.europe).

In this fax email there is following identification information: From field: number where the fax has been sent and in the Subject field: number of the receiver.

The problem is the following: We have to find out how to forward/redirect email attachment (tiff-file) to correct network printer and this depends on the Subject fields "faxnumbers".

For example Subject field says: 555-3456 forward attachment to \\network1\printer2 or Subject field says: 555-4567 forward attachment to \\network2\printer7.

We have a one Debian based "universal" linux server and I'm trying to figure out is this possible to do with fetchmail and sendmail or what is the way to accomplish this one?! How to forward or pipe attachment to right IP-address? And one thing to remind: POP3 isn't allowed so we have to use IMAP.

Please, give me some hints or ideas because I'm running out of solutions. BTW, reason for all of this is naturally cutting costs...