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Thread: Sendmail Config

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    Sendmail Config

    First Post! Anyway I am a developer. Mainly php and .net but I've been moving into Java. Here is my problem. Our IT department came to me and said that someone inserted some characters, carriage returns, or something in an email from the contact us page on one of my php sites. They claim this corrupted the email and cause it to hang in sendmail. The result was all weekend emails queued behind it and were never sent. They restarted the process and there hasn't been another issue.

    Here is the problem. They have now convinced my boss that I need to develop some sort of watchdog for them so that if it happens again it will flush the queue. I know pretty much nothing about sendmail. I googled for a couple hours and I can find no one that has had a problem like we had and no one that has developed any sort of app like that. I would assume it won't be that difficult but to me this just sounds like IT not wanting to do their job. Am I wrong in assuming this can be handled in the sendmail config or something? Thanks for any advice/help.


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    Sounds like a bug, and yes I agree it sounds like IT doesn't want to do their job. This isn't something that should require devel.

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