I have set up an SMTP server that works as a relay. The server is up and running fine and i get connected when i try to telnet to it. The problem is when i try to send email with it, i get to connect to it, but i get the message saying "..relaying denied" eventhough i have (just for test purposes) set it up to be a relay that now anyone can use to send their email, of course i would have set up an authenticated relay, but as said this is just for test purposes. Anyway, when using the server as an SMTP server when using a chatclient or using telnet to send mail i get the message as explained above ("..relaying denied").

Because of these problems i have uninstalled all firewalls just to see if it would work, of course i always have firewalls in place, but this is just for test purposes (to see if it would work) and its not a part of any company network.

Could someone please help me out here, i have read and asked in other forums but dont get any answers that is a solution. The problem is as explained below that i dont get access to send mail with the relay. Any help is appericiated. Thanks.