I get this error when creating a new user USING POSTFIX ADMIN -

Invalid query: Duplicate entry ‘postmaster@hiringexpress.com (’ for key 1


- but the user is created in the Mysql Database though the Mailbox Directory are not created.

- when I edit the config.inc.php in line where it states postmaster@hiringexpress.com to another name, it creates the new user and Mailbox Directory with no errors, but if i create a new user again it shows the same error message, that’s why I have to keep changing the same line in config.inc.php to make it work.

Are there other ways in fixing this problem?

- I have already followed the Functions.inc.php EDITING from http://switch.richard5.net and all of the other websites suggestion


Here is my config.inc.php

// File: config.inc.php
if (ereg ("config.inc.php", $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']))
header ("Location: login.php");

// Postfix Admin Path
// Set the location to your Postfix Admin installation here.
$CONF['postfix_admin_url'] = '';
$CONF['postfix_admin_path'] = '';

// Language config
// Language files are located in './languages'.
$CONF['default_language'] = 'en';

// Database Config
// mysql = MySQL 3.23 and 4.0
// mysqli = MySQL 4.1
// pgsql = PostgreSQL
$CONF['database_type'] = 'mysql';
$CONF['database_host'] = 'localhost';
$CONF['database_user'] = 'postfixadmin';
$CONF['database_password'] = 'postfixadmin';
$CONF['database_name'] = 'postfix';
$CONF['database_prefix'] = '';

// Site Admin
// Define the Site Admins email address below.
// This will be used to send emails from to create mailboxes.

$CONF['admin_email'] = 'postmaster@hiringexpress.com';

// Mail Server
// Hostname (FQDN) of your mail server.
// This is used to send email to Postfix in order to create mailboxes.
$CONF['smtp_server'] = 'localhost';
$CONF['smtp_port'] = '25';

// Encrypt
// In what way do you want the passwords to be crypted?
// md5crypt = internal postfix admin md5
// system = whatever you have set as your PHP system default
// cleartext = clear text passwords
$CONF['encrypt'] = 'md5crypt';

// Generate Password
// Generate a random password for a mailbox and display it.
// If you want to automagically generate paswords set this to 'YES'.
$CONF['generate_password'] = 'NO';

// Page Size
// Set the number of entries that you would like to see
// in one page.
$CONF['page_size'] = '10';

// Default Aliases
// The default aliases that need to be created for all domains.
$CONF['default_aliases'] = array (
'abuse' => 'abuse@change-this-to-your.domain.tld',
'hostmaster' => 'hostmaster@change-this-to-your.domain.tld',
'postmaster' => 'postmaster@change-this-to-your.domain.tld',
'webmaster' => 'webmaster@change-this-to-your.domain.tld'

// Mailboxes
// If you want to store the mailboxes per domain set this to 'YES'.
// Example: /usr/local/virtual/domain.tld/username@domain.tld
$CONF['domain_path'] = 'YES';

// If you don't want to have the domain in your mailbox set this to 'NO'.
// Example: /usr/local/virtual/domain.tld/username
$CONF['domain_in_mailbox'] = 'NO';

// Default Domain Values
// Specify your default values below. Quota in MB.
$CONF['aliases'] = '0';
$CONF['mailboxes'] = '0';
$CONF['maxquota'] = '10';

// Quota
// When you want to enforce quota for your mailbox users set this to 'YES'.
$CONF['quota'] = 'NO';
// You can either use '1024000' or '1048576'
$CONF['quota_multiplier'] = '1024000';

// Transport
// If you want to define additional transport options for a domain set this to 'YES'.
// Read the transport file of the Postfix documentation.
$CONF['transport'] = 'NO';

// Virtual Vacation
// If you want to use virtual vacation for you mailbox users set this to 'YES'.
// NOTE: Make sure that you install the vacation module. http://high5.net/postfixadmin/
//$CONF['vacation'] = 'NO';
$CONF['vacation'] = 'YES';
// This is the autoreply domain that you will need to set in your Postfix
// transport maps to handle virtual vacations. It does not need to be a
// real domain (i.e. you don't need to setup DNS for it).
#$CONF['vacation_domain'] = 'autoreply.change-this-to-your.domain.tld';
$CONF['vacation_domain'] = 'autoreply.hiringexpress.com';

// Alias Control
// Postfix Admin inserts an alias in the alias table for every mailbox it creates.
// The reason for this is that when you want catch-all and normal mailboxes
// to work you need to have the mailbox replicated in the alias table.
// If you want to take control of these aliases as well set this to 'YES'.
$CONF['alias_control'] = 'NO';

// Special Alias Control
// Set to 'NO' if you don't want your domain admins to change the default aliases.
$CONF['special_alias_control'] = 'YES';

// Logging
// If you don't want logging set this to 'NO';
$CONF['logging'] = 'YES';

// Header
$CONF['show_header_text'] = 'NO';
$CONF['header_text'] = ':: Postfix Admin ::';

// Footer
// Below information will be on all pages.
// If you don't want the footer information to appear set this to 'NO'.
$CONF['show_footer_text'] = 'NO';
//$CONF['show_footer_text'] = 'YES';
$CONF['footer_text'] = 'Return to change-this-to-your.domain.tld';
$CONF['footer_link'] = 'http://change-this-to-your.domain.tld';

// Welcome Message
// This message is send to every newly created mailbox.
// Change the text between EOM.
$CONF['welcome_text'] = <<<EOM

Welcome to your new account.



"Additional info"
I did not change everything that says "change-this-to-your.domain.tld" because, on our live mail server have the same pattern.

And, when i tried changing every option that has "change-this-to-your.domain.tld" to my real domain, it still does not fix my problem I have post above this FORUM. So, by changing every option that has "change-this-to-your.domain.tld" to my real domain would not fix my problem. Smile

I have followed the instructions of other websites like high5.net to change my functions.inc.php where it says EHLO to HELO, it still didnt solve my ERROR above this FORUM.

Please feel free to ask if you need to see any of my conf.

Additional Info:
- The postfix can receive and send mail
- Postfix Admin can create Users and the Mailbox Directory but i have to change the config.inc.php everytime when i need to create a new user so it won't show an error in creating a new user.