I'm a bit of a newbie to linux, i'm interested to know how load balancing works. I want to try load balancing a couple of servers with linuxvirtualserver since its free and seems pretty versatile but im having trouble getting my head round some things.

I was under the assumption that it works on the principal of for example if one servers load begins to rise due to high httpd requests it forwards requests to another server with low load, doesn't that mean the two or more servers have to have identical information on them? LVS claims you can use any OS provided it supports TCP/IP, how can i windows server handle a request that was directed at a site based around linux?

Secondly can LVS accommodate this one server for DNS, one server for httpd, one server for mysql etc?

Thirdly if i was to have a control panel cpanel for instance would i need a license for each of the clustered servers or could i get around that with internal networking?

Thanks in advance.