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    samba problems with suse 9.1

    Hallo people, just wanted to point out some problems I had with my samba configuration.
    I installed SuSE 9.1 as a fresh install and started to follow a video in setting up a pdc. I installed samba, edited the run levels and started swat and configured as per the video.
    1st problem, when I checked the status of samba it showed both smb and nmb services 'not running'. Clicking 'Restart' did not work or start the services. When I started them at the console, it reported they were already started.
    2nd problem, as per the video I tried joining the domain and it gave an error message. I then configured samba server through yast and it told me I needed the winbind daemon even though I checked the dependancy's while installing samba.

    I tried joining the domain again and this time it worked. I checked the samba status again with swat and it still told me the services were not running even though they were.

    I just want to point this out for other newbies. If anyone wants the links to the videos, let me know and I will post them. They are in German but very good to watch anyway.

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    RE: Post subject: samba problems with suse 9.1

    I don't have a problem with SAMBA but I am interested int he videos you mentioned. How can I get them?


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    can u use the cmd "testparm" to find the errors in the samba configuration.......

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