I installed samba on Suse and currently I can connect to samba from windows xp computers and can set the permissions for folders via valid users etc and it works as intended.

What I want to do is giving everyone a special folder that they will have their important files and documents in that folder and will work from the file server. That way no one but the users themselves will be able to access the files&documents and more importantly it will be very easy to backup files as I will simply backup the file server.

Home folders provided that to me as they show up only to its user so others can not access.

But the problem is that I also want the users to be able to share some of their files from their home folder. For example my user name is "Bla". When I access to the samba server I am able to open the folder "Bla" while other users cant. Now I also want to share the file test.doc in folder "Bla" to another user. Copying the file to some other location each time is not a pratical solution. What I would want is something like, I select the file give permission to another user that I can see from the network, so he/she can access to that file. (but only the file I want, not all of my home directory) and when I remove the permission he/she can not see the file anymore.

Is it possible to do this with using home folders? Or should I do something else?

I hope I was able to express myself and the problem

Thank you.