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    Unhappy Segmentation Fault while trying to start Apache

    Hi All

    I am using a centOS server and am trying to install Apache 2.0.48 using a tar.gz file .....
    The configure , make and make install commands got executed without any errors , but when i try to start Apache using either $ ./apachectl start or $ service httpd start ... I get the same error " Segmentation Fault $HTTPD -k $ARGV "

    The following is the configure command that I used to install Apache :
    $ ./configure --prefix=/home/new1/httpd/ --enable-rewrite --enable-mods-
    shared=all --enable-logio --enable-deflate --enable-ssl

    Hoping an urgent help .

    Thanks in Advance

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    Apache Segmentation fault


    Try to start httpd with strace, i.e strace -f /usr/sbin/httpd. You will get some information about whereis the problem.

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    also why didn't you just install apache during the OS install? If the version was too old can't you yum upgrade apache? maybe I am wrong don't know enough about that but seems reasonable to me.

    Anyways also check here

    tail -100 messages


    tail -100 error.log

    Also it is an RPM OS you might have better luck with an RPM.

    Remember that centos is RedHat and RedHat likes to move things around.
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    Hi All

    Thanks a lot guys .

    The OS had already installed apache but I wanted a different version and also I wanted it with ssl and some other feature support which was not there and it was really difficult to reconfigure the installed apache binary .

    Anyways , I could avoid the error I was facing by installing a different version. I was getting error with Apache 2.0.48 but was successful in installing Apache 2.0.50 .

    So, I took on from there to proceed further .
    Anyways , thanks a lot again for ur inputs .


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