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    Thanks for the help

    I asked about the e-mail before i had configured squid, then after i had configured it I started getting problems with the outlook.

    I've looked around on other forums and most suggest working with iptables and setting squid up as tranparent. This might solve the problem but i still don't understand why it wont work without making any modifications to the box with the squid server.

    I was'nt working with iptables to begin with. I cant access the mail only when point to my proxy. I would like to know why it does'nt work instead of just modifying what needs to be changed

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    Hello Lambert,

    If the problem is'nt with squid, am i supposed to configure the client in another way? that is besides specifying the squid server's address

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    what error message does your mail client give when you try to receive mail?

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    The error I receive from outlook is

    "unable to find the e-mail server. Please verify server information in your account"

    but it works fine before the i point it to the proxy

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    Same problem on suse

    i have the same problem on suse linux i cant recive my mail nor cant i use msn for voice chat or webcam chat
    is it Iptables that messes up or is it squid

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    soon ill have my own isp and i will hav a domain hosted. But the thing i cant figure out is why is apache server so easy versus windows.? I was told to have squid and a few other programs on the red had box. what would you guys recommend on the box and what type of computer would be recommended for a start off server.[/list]

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