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    Deleting emails from sendmail queue

    Hi Folks,

    Did a search here but could find nothing related, so I figured I'd just ask (again).

    I am using Sendmail 8.13.8 on FC5. I can see the contents of the current mail queue using the command 'mailq'.

    How do I delete messages from there (on account of misspelled domain names, etc) ?

    The man page for both sendmail and mailq has 4 options for processing emails based on certain parameters (recipient, sender, etc). But none for removing/deleting emails from the queue, the same way. Is it possible ?


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    wait for some more time and they will be purged automatically depending on your configuration

    But if you are the kind who want to do some dangerous things, then the directory in which the mails are queued is /var/spool/mqueue/
    Delete all contents of this dir and restart sendmail ... whola! all the mails in the queue are gone <- again "Handle with CARE"

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