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    DNS configuration: resolving a standalone host name

    Hi! It's my first post in, so Hallo!

    My lan at home is as follows:
    1. quiniserver,
    2. quinipt,
    3. Wifi DSL router, dhcpd enabled
    4. iPaq, wifi, dhcp

    The iPaq uses quiniserver's DNS, and for it to sync with quinipt, the DNS has to answer quinipt's IP when applied for "quinipt" computer name:
    quinipt ->

    AFAIK I cannot change "quinipt" for, for instance, "quinipt.quiniserver" in the iPaq's settings (make me know if you know how to do so!). That would solve my problem 8-(

    So the question is, how could I get the DNS to answer when asked for "quinipt"?

    Maybe there's a way to use /etc/hosts to resolve the name?

    Hope I've explained my problem well enough O


    Software: debian sid, bind 9.2.3. HP iPaq 4150

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    Yeh you could add it to the hosts file the format is like so
    Code: quinipt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giro
    Yeh you could add it to the hosts file the format is like so
    Code: quinipt
    AFAIK bind9, quiniserver's DNS server, does not use /etc/hosts for autentication:
    quiniserver:/# host quinipt
    quinipt does not exist, try again
    quiniserver:/# cat /etc/hosts |grep quinipt quinipt

    What I need is bind9 (or another DNS server) to answer when asked to resolve "quinipt"... 8-?

    Thanks for your answer

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